What is this Place?
Midnight Echoes is the personal site of S.K. Kramer (that’s me). Its a hub where you can explore the projects I work on as well as links to all my social media and gallery sites.

A Little Bit About S.K. 
I’m a creator of various stripes, mostly writing, art, and game design. My friend and business partner Marie Barnes and I run a small studio called Midnight Penguin, where we focus on making games and other media projects. Midnight Penguin is where the majority of projects I work on will be located.

Most of the work I’m involved with falls somewhere in the fantasy or science fictions genres, and often features female and queer characters, because you should write what you know and I know what I am.

When not working I have a lot of varied interests. Some of my passions include RuPaul’s Drag Race, cats, the National Football League, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dungeons & Dragons, astrology, and anything related to the Batman family of characters, Spider-Man, and the Fallout video game series.


Recent Favs

  • Night in the Woods, the video game
  • Wynonna Earp, the SYFY series
  • Dungeon Cards, the video game
  • Everything Sucks!, the Netflix series
  • Cloak and Dagger, the Freeform series
  • Myriologues, the album by Ships in the Night
  • High as Hope, the album by Florence + the Machine

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